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Be Creative – Nursery with a Style

Be creative with your nursery style! There are so many different themes, patterns, and colours to experiment with when you’re decorating your nursery. These are some of our favourite nursery designs. We’ve got everything  from nordic minimalism to funky jungle themed. Find the right design for you and your baby today! It’s time to get creative! 

Nursery theme

Modern Designs 

A modern nursery design is perfect for a trendy, fashion-focused family. Modern design incorporates pastel tones, innovative baby products, sleek furniture, and interesting decor. Modern design is chic and customisable. Use the basic principles of modern interior design in your nursery, but add your personality. Colourful wall prints, a geometric wall mural, or you could add textured playmats to finish off the look. Modern design is perfect for you and your nursery if you love modern technology and unique interiors. 


Nordic Nursery

Nordic interior design is based on the aesthetics of Scandinavia. Nordic design is characterised by minimal and clean vibes. It seeks to combine functionality with beauty. Nordic design primarily uses earthy and neutral tones, alongside a lot of natural materials. A nordic inspired nursery will soon become a haven from the outside world. It will be your favourite place to spend quality time with your baby. 

You’ll love Nordic design if you want to create a home that is peaceful and relaxing, while also being highly practical. First, you’ll want to start with a neutral base colour to paint the walls. We love off-white walls as they create a clean, bright backdrop. In addition, find some warm toned curtains and wooden baby furniture that compliments the room. Add a touch of personality to your Nordic nursery with fun prints that match your colour theme. Finish off with some beautiful Nordic inspired foam play mats and other baby accessories that will blend seamlessly into your nursery. It’s as easy as that to create a stylish, Nordic nursery for your little one. 


Do you have a baby on the way who is bound to love dinosaurs? Get a head start on their passion with a dinosaur themed nursery. This is a great option if you want a nursery design that will last for years. Nobody wants to invest in an interior design theme that you’ll have to change when your baby is three! A dinosaur theme is one of many designs that is enduring and timeless. Paint the nursery walls a bright yellow, blue or green colour that matches some of the artwork you have chosen. Or, you could make a feature wall. There are so many murals available that can be stuck onto a wall and can be removed easily. A mural is a playful, stimulating, and unique addition to the nursery. Your child is guaranteed to absolutely adore a dinosaur themed nursery. Make it extra special with lots of dinosaur soft toys and themed bedding! 


A woodland themed nursery is the best of both worlds. It’s child and adult friendly! If you want a nursery theme that is a little less child-focused than a dinosaur, unicorn, or jungle theme, opt for the toned down woodland design. Woodland designs use a lot of blue, green, and neutral shades. They usually incorporate woodland animals like squirrels, foxes, and bears. And, there are always lots of pictures of trees and landscapes. 

A woodland theme is a family friendly design, without being overbearing. It’s the perfect mix of style and practicality. You’ll love to spend time in the woodland nursery with your baby. An added bonus is that there are so many accessories and homewares that match the woodland design. Purchase a soft foam play mat, duvet, blankets, pillows, or soft toys to match your room decor. Bring the outside in with a woodland themed nursery! 

White Oak

White oak nursery

White oak design is a natural wooden aesthetic with a grey brown undertone. A white oak nursery will be filled with natural materials and light neutral tones. They often incorporate a hardwood floor with big, bright windows. White oak furniture is really the focal point of this design. The crib, chest of draws, wardrobe, and bedside table, should usually all match in a white oak colour palate. If you like this design, it’s best to paint your walls a complimentary shade to suit the furniture. 

We love light brown or cool grey alongside white oak furniture. Bring in a pop of colour to the nursery with some bright artwork or prints. You can also do this through your play mats, blankets, cushions, or soft toys. White oak design is a great foundation if you want to mix and match some of these themes. For example, white oak with some floral elements would look fabulous. Feel free to be creative and experiment with more than one design! 


Jungle Nursery

The king of the jungle! Take a walk on the wild side with a jungle themed nursery. A jungle design is all about bold, bright colours. You’ll want a lot of greens, blues, reds, and oranges in your jungle nursery. Bring in lots of animals and plants with artwork or murals. A jungle nursery should be cute and inspiring! Your baby will love learning about all the animals lining their nursery walls. 


Florals will never go out of style! There’s a reason why delicate floral designs are a timeless classic. Florals are calming, beautiful, delicate, and aesthetically pleasing. A floral design is great for families who love to keep to the tried and true. Florals come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. There’s a floral design for everybody! 

That’s how to be creative and make a nursery with style. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our favourite nursery designs! Remember to be creative and have fun while you decorate your nursery. It’s more important to create a space you love, rather than strictly following a design trend. Your nursery is where you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.  Always add a bit of personality to your interior designs. We wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavours! 

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