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Create stunning play area designs, fully customised for your little ones, whilst keeping them safe during playtime.

Create stunning themed activity areas and play zones for your little ones, keeping them safe during interactive playtime.

Our unique tummy time play mats are created to be safe, fun, and educational. Recycled and sustainable, non-toxic premium EVA foam, designed with themed nurseries and roaming and crawling play areas in mind, featuring the latest seasonal trends in sensory colours with custom options to choose from, including the popular muted pastels collection.

Soft Play Mats and Eva foam wipeable interlocking tiles are perfect for creating educational and fun areas such as our reading and learning mats. Scandinavian Nordic Trees designed rug-styled mats which are wipeable and anti-bacterial and show our playmats in a larger foam 60cm format, making a larger baby play and infant soft tumble zone with a little bigger play area. Playmats Direct 30cm and 60cm Interlocking Foam Mats are compatible to mix with our toddler and bigger kids’ flooring, a more generous 60cm interlocking EVA foam mat with the die-cut foam-styled mats. Seasonal-themed Playmats, which are interlocking foam floor tiles, are currently available online. Not on the high street, easy to order online our interlocking thicker foam flooring with premium quality for crawling and tummy time and for baby showers and new arrivals.


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What are the developmental benefits of using playmats?

Why Add Our Playmats to Your Area?

Baby playmats are often used in baby gyms. Using them creates conditions in which the tiny love can experiment and grow. Below are some of the results you’ll see from using our playmats:

1. Cognitive Advantages

Playmats with suspended toys help build your baby’s cognition. Youngsters exhibit basic circular responses when they are between the ages of 6 weeks and 4 months. This implies that they develop the ability to repeat an “accidentally” performed activity. The toddler soon starts repeating these actions because they find them amusing. Examples include tugging something, kicking a toy, etc. This is the beginning of their understanding of ’cause and effect’. By suspending interactive toys that respond, you can encourage a child’s cognitive growth while also getting them to engage and play with them frequently. A soft, non-toxic floor will support them in the case of any bumps and falls along the way.

2. Helps in developing their vision

Since babies have very poor distance-vision at birth, things that are far-away seem hazy to them. You may help develop your newborn’s visual perception abilities by using baby play mats. Toddlers can, at best, make out the faces of other people and things that have sharp colour contrasts. The toys on all our infant playmats have brilliantly contrasting colours. So it will take only a few months for your infant to begin developing depth awareness.

3. Aids in the development of grasping and reaching abilities

Your child will learn how to hold items as they grip onto hanging rings and rattles with the help of baby play mats. This will help build the motor development of your child.

These mats support the baby’s use and therefore the growth of the neck, back, belly, legs, and arms muscles. The baby can spread out and play on their front, right, left, and rear sides on the mats because they are big enough for that. Playmats promote “tummy time,” during which a youngster lies on their stomach for the majority of their awake hours. This enables the development of greater motor abilities like walking, crawling, etc. and strengthens the arms, back, and neck.

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Baby on playmate

4. Increase sensory stimulation and consciousness

Sensory stimulation is a popular way to play and engage with newborns throughout their first year.

Baby play mats come in a variety of bright colours, noises, and textures to engage the baby’s senses while they play. You may hang some teething toys after the child starts mouthing things so that he or she can reach them and play with them to stimulate their mouth. Using baby play mats in the nursery will help the little one become aware of aural and visual inputs in addition to sensory stimulation.

We offer a combination of great prices and some of the best quality baby and toddler floor mats in the country. We understand that every parent wants their baby off to bright starts so we ensure that our playmats account for both price and decor. You can navigate here for our latest offers.


What do you use playmats for?

These mats offer infants, toddlers, and even young children a safe and comfortable play area. A playmat can be particularly helpful when a newborn begins to crawl because the cushioning provides comfort and safety.

At what age do babies start using playmats?

Your tiny love will start to need a playmat from around 3 months, or as soon as he or she starts spending any time on their tummy.

We sort our playmats via both function and age. Our designs include various colours (white, green, pink, blue and bright colours) to match your nursery decor.

Why are playmats good for babies?

Using playmats can help develop their gross motor function. Mats encourage the baby's use and development of the muscles around the neck, back, and stomach muscles. The mat can easily accommodate a toddler playing on the front, right, left, or back. They also help protect from bumps and falls.

Are playmats important?

Playmats let kids walk with bare hands and knees to build strength and develop motor skills. They also show results in strengthening muscles around their feet.

If you're worried about them outgrowing the mat, don't worry. The mats are available in a variety of styles to suit all ages. They're available in multiple colours- pink, white, blue, green and even neutrals that appear colour clear grey.

What are playmats good for?

The mat will keep children entertained by providing different colours, fabrics, textures, and sounds for many months while enhancing their cognitive and sensory skills. They are also great for protection against bumps and falls and of course protecting mum or dad’s knees when they are playing with their little one!

Are your baby play mats non-toxic? Do they contain any chemicals or heavy metals?

First and foremost, we take the protection of infants and young children seriously. After being dissatisfied with the overpowering chemical scent of other goods that were made of PVC and EVA, we produced our own baby play mats with this in mind.

Our selection of mats are non-toxic and manufactured of EVA Foam.

Our products are manufactured to ISO 9001 (2018-2019) standards and tested by SGS to REACH and EN71 EU guidelines for toys and also in the UK by SATRA, the materials testing agency.

When opposed to PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the use of EVA Foam provides a safer place for your little one to sit and play.

Thus you can be clear that no chemicals offgas from the mat to your baby. Our brand is a sign that you can trust when it comes to safety

How should we thoroughly clean our play mats?

You can use a towel or sponge to easily clean our range of mats with light soap and water (a good guide for mild is whether you would put it on your hands).

Please do not apply abrasive cleansers or products that include alcohol or bleach.

Is underfloor heating acceptable?

Yes, you can use underfloor heating with our brand mats. Please do not apply extremely high heat that may harm the mat.

Is my play mat allowed outside?

Even though they are made to be laid flat within your home, you will discover that they can be readily moved and rolled about.

Keep a view on anything pointed while setting it down to prevent punctures in the waterproof surface.

The mats should not be used outside in the dirt or even on green lawns since they are not meant for it.

Can I join playmats for my baby?

Yes, you can join a selection of mats together to host a baby party. You can even join them together to create a bedding layer in the nursery or buy a collection to create a baby gym. Our 30cm and 60cm mats will lock together unless stated otherwise.

Questions? Concerns?

You can contact us through email and phone numbers provided on the website. Our team is always happy to help!

We offer quick delivery on our entire product range. Our delivery areas are throughout the UK and Europe. However only our UK mainland customers can place their orders online. For the rest of the world, please contact us via email and fill us in on your full address and other details for delivery charges.
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